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Welcoming Afghan refugees in Montreal

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Since September, the center has been quite busy. The daily activities and the future projects are constantly underway.

From September through October, we have been welcoming the new Afghan refugees who have just arrived in Montreal. We were glad to see the family with three young kids finally settled after two months of strenuous travelling.

We invited them to participate in some of the programs offered by our center such as French and English as a second language classes to help them better integrate in the Quebec society and largely in the Canadian society.

Despite all the difficulties the family has faced, they have not lost their motivation and courage.

Zainab was the first female prosecutor of Afghanistan in Kandahar province. She fought for women's rights, which put her life in danger since the Taliban took over the country.

In spite of these hardships, Zainab has shown great enthusiasm for learning languages and adapting as quickly as possible, and we have been able to provide them with a laptop, with Zoom installed for the online courses. Here is a preview of today’s class.

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