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  • Global Movement for women's fondamental right in 🇦🇫

    On Saturday, January 14, 2023, the afghan communities along with Montreals and other communities joined 59 cities and 24 countries across the world, in the Global Movement for Women's Rights about education in Afghanistan. The current ban on women and girls attending educational institutions, implemented on December 20, is the straw that broke the camel's back. Canada can no longer turn a blind eye, the global movement urge the NATO and the international community the following demands : 1) We demand the lifting of restrictions on women and girls and ensure that respect for and protection of women's rights is at the centre of all talks with the Taliban. Afghan women must be able to exercise their rights to education, freedom of movement, work, self-determination and security. Education is a fundamental right for all. Therefore, we demand the immediate opening of secondary schools and high schools for girls and an implementation of the lessons with the standard curriculum. Furthermore, women should also be granted access to universities with immediate effect. 2) We call for action to be taken to investigate and prosecute those responsible for gender-based persecution in Afghanistan in appropriate international and extraterritorial jurisdictions. 3) We call for the monitoring of humanitarian aid and ensuring that this aid actually reaches civil society in need. 4) We demand that the diplomatic headquarters of the Taliban in Doha be closed in order to address the ongoing injustices and oppressive policies towards women and the promotion of extremist ideology that the regime has continued to perpetuate. The establishment of this office in 2013, with the approval of a global institution and a major world power, has served as a symbol of indirect recognition for the Taliban, enabling them to expand their diplomatic relations while denying fundamental human rights to individuals and communities. Shutting down this office is necessary to end these harmful actions and protect the rights and dignity of all people. 5) We call on the international community not to recognize the Taliban, as their recognition would encourage other fundamentalist and radical groups to challenge democracy and democratic governments around the world, which would particularly endanger women and girls, and which would mean gender segregation in the country. In view of their recent violations, we demand severe sanctions, including a travel ban and the refusal to establish diplomatic relations as long as the Taliban do not make schools and universities accessible to all people, regardless of their gender. The AWCM expresses its greatest gratitude and admiration for everyone who came out in solidarity and support of women and girls in Afghanistan, despite the cold Montreal weather. Your support and allyship truly mean a lot! The AWCM is sending love and prayers to our Afghan sisters. We are currently seeking donations to provide women and girls in Afghanistan with alternative methods to access education. Help us Brighten the Lives of Afghan Women and Girls during these dark times by clicking on the donate button.

  • Wishing all a Very Happy Holiday!

    On December 10, the AWCM was excited to celebrate 20 years of milestones empowering socially isolated immigrant women. Read more...

  • The Afghan Women's Centre of Montreal is celebrating its 20th Anniversary!

    The Afghan Women's Centre of Montreal (AWCM) is excited to celebrate our 20TH ANNIVERSARY on December 10. We invite the community to come out and celebrate two decades of achievements with us! Join us for an elegant evening with unique and world-changing speakers, Testimonies, Appreciation momentum, Afghan girls' fashion show, an exhibition of the Afghan Mosaic, and Handicrafts as we celebrate the successes and achievements of our hardworking community during this monumental ceremony! ***Please Note that the AWCM's 20th-anniversary celebration will give privileged access to our members & community partners and those on our registration pre-list. However, the event will cost $35 plus tax for others who do not meet this criterion to access all the festivities of the evening. The doors will officially open at 5:00 pm, where you can enjoy cocktails, network with great community pillars, and view traditional Afghan exhibitions. The entries for the event will be closed by 6:15 pm, so we strongly suggest you arrive early.

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  • Donation Campaign 2022 | AWC Montreal

    Afghan Girls Banned from Education SUPPORT AFGHAN WOMEN The futures of 14.2 million Afghan women and girls are at stake because they are not allowed to partake in a fundamental aspect of society that allows for their growth, development and independence. It is our duty as Afghans in the diaspora and North American allies to provide a hand in such a devastating time. Before the end of the year, help support the betterment of these young women by giving any small amount that will provide them with alternative resources to access education. Help brighten the lives of millions of Afghan women and girls during these dark times! DONATE NOW You can make a difference and bring hope to Afghan women and girls today with a 100% tax-deductible donation to AWCM. Did you know that when you donate to a registered Canadian charity, you can save money during tax season? When you make a donation to a charity of your choice, you will receive a tax receipt for your donation and are eligible for a tax credit of up to 53 percent of your donation! DONATE TODAY! In Person 1857 De Maisonneuve Ouest, Suite 305 Montréal, Québec H3H 1J9 Nearest Metro : Guy Concordia Online Make a tax deductible donation‏. DONATE NOW Over the Phone It's easy to donate offline too. Tel: 514-321-2194

  • Home | Afghan Women's Centre of Montreal

    Providing Immigrant Women opportunities to improve their lives Our Mission Our Goal, Vision & Commitment Our Projects Register & Help Make Change Get Involved Volunteer, Participate, or Donate SUPPORT AFGHAN WOMEN & GIRLS BANNED FROM SCHOOL DONATE NOW 1/3 AWC The Afghan Women’s Centre (AWC) of Montreal empowers socially isolated immigrant women within Montreal by creating programs according to their needs, facilitating self-development workshops, and promoting team-based projects. We are a team of women from diverse backgrounds who are unified by the goal of empowering immigrant women in Montreal. With our activities and interactive workshops, we are dedicated to helping women find their rightful place in a new environment. ​ LEARN MORE Visit our catering website to learn more about authentic Afghan food and explore our cooking classes. Click the image to learn more! Become a Member! An AWC membership guarantees you free access to all of the courses, activities, and meetings that the AWC has to offer. You can become a member of the AWC for an annual fee of just 20$, and will give you access to AWC membership meetings. Click here for more details on becoming a member. ​ ​ ​ Non-members and guests are always welcome! Participation in courses and activities for non-members must be paid separately for each event that you wish to attend. Click here for more details on courses and events. become a member course registration Latest News and Events Wishing all a Very Happy Holiday! 13 0 1 like. Post not marked as liked 1 The Afghan Women's Centre of Montreal is celebrating its 20th Anniversary! 73 0 Post not marked as liked AWCM's Fall Newsletter with its exciting activities and the approach of its 20th anniversary! 20 0 Post not marked as liked Read More Join Us The Afghan Women's Centre of Montreal relies on the generous support of volunteers and donors. Support Us

  • Podcast | AWC Montreal

    Immigrant Women Narratives of pain and resilience you r bran d READ MORE

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