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AWCM's humanitarian support in Kabul + video

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Since the Taliban took power in August 2021, Afghanistan has been plunged into an economic crisis that has hit the population hard. We fear that this crisis will lead to famine and deteriorate the living conditions of the Afghans. Also, the approaching winter is causing fears of famine, especially since humanitarian aid has been cut off.

The Afghan Women's Center organized a humanitarian operation to provide food to vulnerable people in Kabul and funds to families in need.

We helped 40 low-income and vulnerable families in Kabul. Through the field assistance, 200 people received healthy and sustainable food. Each participant signed and dated a chart so that our team could keep track of the delivery.

This operation was a success. We look forward to continuing it in the future, so that we can best help the Afghan people. We continue our advocacy work to promote the need to act for their protection.

You can check out our video below, with more detailed information on the process.

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