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Celebrating 20th Anniversary


No words can describe how grateful we are here at the AWCM to have celebrated 20 years of our existence. We thank our partners, speakers, volunteers, members and community for taking the time to come out and celebrate our successes and achievements over the past years.  It has been a pleasure serving you all for two decades and fulfilling our mission of breaking social isolation and empowering and integrating racialized and immigrant women. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you. We deeply appreciate the confidence and trust you have in us.


We want to express our appreciation to the witnesses at our 20th-anniversary celebration. Their feedback, ideas and thoughts about the collaboration we've had, how they discovered us, and their experience with our services during all these years mean a lot to us.


Thank you for the amazing guests speakers and all the great supportive local partners and other dear associates who have come from long distance participating in the AWCM's 20th anniversary celebration and sharing their valuable insights with us.

Thank you Maryam Monsef, Fondation Y des Femmes de Montreal, Femmes du monde, Afghan Mosaic, Mon Peter-McGill, Montreal Women Council, Women Aware Montreal and so many other great guests, members, volunteers and guests from other different afghan diaspora across Canada.

We’re honored and moved by your continuous support.

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Video of the Ceremony

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