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Global Movement for women's fondamental right in 🇦🇫

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

On Saturday, January 14, 2023, the afghan communities along with Montreals and other communities joined 59 cities and 24 countries across the world, in the Global Movement for Women's Rights about education in Afghanistan.

The current ban on women and girls attending educational institutions, implemented on December 20, is the straw that broke the camel's back. Canada can no longer turn a blind eye, the global movement urge the NATO and the international community the following demands :

1) We demand the lifting of restrictions on women and girls and ensure that respect for and protection of women's rights is at the centre of all talks with the Taliban. Afghan women must be able to exercise their rights to education, freedom of movement, work, self-determination and security. Education is a fundamental right for all. Therefore, we demand the immediate opening of secondary schools and high schools for girls and an implementation of the lessons with the standard curriculum. Furthermore, women should also be granted access to universities with immediate effect.

2) We call for action to be taken to investigate and prosecute those responsible for gender-based persecution in Afghanistan in appropriate international and extraterritorial jurisdictions.

3) We call for the monitoring of humanitarian aid and ensuring that this aid actually reaches civil society in need.

4) We demand that the diplomatic headquarters of the Taliban in Doha be closed in order to address the ongoing injustices and oppressive policies towards women and the promotion of extremist ideology that the regime has continued to perpetuate. The establishment of this office in 2013, with the approval of a global institution and a major world power, has served as a symbol of indirect recognition for the Taliban, enabling them to expand their diplomatic relations while denying fundamental human rights to individuals and communities. Shutting down this office is necessary to end these harmful actions and protect the rights and dignity of all people.

5) We call on the international community not to recognize the Taliban, as their recognition would encourage other fundamentalist and radical groups to challenge democracy and democratic governments around the world, which would particularly endanger women and girls, and which would mean gender segregation in the country. In view of their recent violations, we demand severe sanctions, including a travel ban and the refusal to establish diplomatic relations as long as the Taliban do not make schools and universities accessible to all people, regardless of their gender.

The AWCM expresses its greatest gratitude and admiration for everyone who came out in solidarity and support of women and girls in Afghanistan, despite the cold Montreal weather. Your support and allyship truly mean a lot!

The AWCM is sending love and prayers to our Afghan sisters. We are currently seeking donations to provide women and girls in Afghanistan with alternative methods to access education. Help us Brighten the Lives of Afghan Women and Girls during these dark times by clicking on the donate button.

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