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Hello 2021! Time flies and yet we’re still updating and adjusting the services we’re offering at the centre.

Our catering team, even if apart, is looking forward to cooking in order to deliver delicious afghan meals right in the comfort of your homes. This service is very important to us and we will happily resume our catering services in January. We were very pleased to serve our customers, members and community partners last year and hope that this year won’t be any different. Visit our website to know more about our menu :

We’re also resuming our different activities and services after the holiday season. Online English, French, computer literacy and even yoga classes for our seniors are on the program! It’s never too late to reach us out if you would like to attend those classes.

Translation of official documents, accompanying our members to various appointments, answering to diverse phone requests are essential services that we are running and maintaining despite the pandemic, we are always here for you.

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