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Panel discussion in solidarity with Afghan women : Policy perspectives Hosted by the CWF

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

The AWCM participated in the panel discussion: "Solidarity with Afghan Women: Policy Perspectives" moderated and organized by the Canadian Women's Foundation. We were able to share our experiences from the field regarding the resettlement and settlement of Afghan refugee women in Canada and Quebec, as well as our concerns for the women still living in Afghanistan to this day.

Paulette Senior, president of the Canadian Women's Foundation ( CWF ) hosted the panel, and guided the panelists through the discussion. Senator Omidvar spoke about the urgency of the situation for Afghan women in the country. She gave concrete examples, and called for women to come together and fight for this struggle. Mariam Safi gave information on the international take on the Afghan crisis, notably from the UN and Canada's allies. Debbie Douglas raised concerns for Afghan refugees, regarding the housing crisis and the issue of employment. Victoria Jahesh, from AWCM, raised awareness about the islamophobia and xenophobia as well as the systemic racism and the challenges faced by newly arrived in the province of Quebec, The major push and pulls factors for afghans to leave their country, and the most urgent services and supports needed for the afghan refugees arrived in Canada. Zainab Jamal shared her concerns in regards to those newly arrived in Canada and being identified as a Muslim.

If you were unable to attend this discussion, a recording will be available on the Canadian Women's Foundation YouTube account in the near future.

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