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The pilot virtual project is On now !

The AWC is pleased to be able to go forward with the reopening of its activities, virtually. We have diligently worked together as a team to design all new online classes on a trial basis. For the first time ever, we are offering online computer classes, aimed towards senior members seeking to grow more autonomous and feel included in our digital world. We have listed below how this program is going to work:

  • The computer courses will begin as of June 29th and will last 12 weeks, there will be one session a week

  • We currently have six laptops available that will be temporarily distributed to the 6 members who sign up for the course. The laptops will then be given to other registered members to allow others to benefit from the program

  • Our trusted project manager, her colleague and a computer technician, will visit their home to deliver the laptop. They will thoroughly explain the basics and run a trial to make sure everything works properly. This visit will take place ristrickly in accordance with the current pandemic rules.

  • For the first couples of sessions these members will be accompanied with the member of their family to ensure everything works properly.

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