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Book Build Launch Event

Since the founding of the Afghan Women’s Center (AWC), we have welcomed many immigrant women from diverse communities. Our book, “Immigrant Women’s Stories”, is a growing collection of their personal immigration experiences, featuring stories of women who left their home countries in hopes of a better future in Canada. They faced several obstacles during their travels and a lot of time, energy, and money was spent to bring them here. Upon arrival, they continued to encounter challenges such as adapting to a new society, learning new languages and finding jobs, all while raising their children.

As part of this project, we held an event on December 1st, 2018 to celebrate these stories, gather feedback from the community on the project, and share insights on the settlement process.

The event also featured several key speakers: Makai Aref (President of the Afghan Women’s Centre), Sadeqa Siddiqui (former Director of the South Asian Women’s Community Centre), Woreshmin Samady, Homera Samadi, and Judy Wong (Executive Director of Catholic Action). The event was catered by the Afghan Women Catering Team.

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